COVID19 What we are doing RIGHT NOW ☀☀☀ Under infrared heat is the BEST place to be ☀☀☀


We are currently experiencing a troubling “crisis” that affects us all. We would like to assure you though, that at The Yoga Hive studios, we are taking risk management steps, and we will continue to modify these as required, to ensure your health & safety.

This is what we we are doing RIGHT NOW –
1. We have stopped the use of all shared props and ask you bring your own mat to class (Kmart has some really economic ones for a quick fix)
2. We have removed the mat cleaning products and ask you clean your mat at home
3. We have removed the shared mugs – please bring your own we still provide tea bags but please dispose of them in the bin
4. We have taken away the shared towels and other cosmetics – air dry your hands or feel free to bring your own towel
5. We are supplying sanitiser, wipes, paper towel, tissues, and request you use them to clean areas you touch and sanitise your hands on entry and after the bathroom
6. We will limit classes to 16-20 people to provide space between bodies
7. We are offering no hands on assists – please listen to your body and the teacher carefully
8. We will adjust some classes to suit the use of no props – please be understanding of these necessary changes
9. We are keeping the heat on during classes as infrared heat helps destroy virus and boosts your immunity, it is also apparent that the COVID19 virus does not survive in temps over 27dgs…GO HOT YOGA!!!
10. We are disinfecting the floors after classes
11. We are monitoring NSW Health updates to continue to keep up with best practice standards

This is what we are ASKING OF YOU
1. Please respect the studio guidelines over this period and support our teachers
2. Use any of the sanitising products as you feel necessary
3. If you feel unwell please dont come
4. Try to keep your self to yourself
5. Line the toilet seat with toilet paper
6. Sanitise your hands before class and in the bathroom
7. Feel free to wear socks to your mat
8. Please offer any suggestion to me directly 0405116211
9. Be kind to your community
10. Keep checking the schedule and our instagram page for current updates
11. Smile, laugh, share love and BE KIND

yoga mat
drink bottle
hand towel
mat towel
blocks, strap, blanket bolster – optional
Smile – not optional

We aim to keep providing you a safe and peaceful space to practice for as long as we can, offering as many classes as possible, however please check the schedule for any class changes. We ask you understand that during this period some classes may need to be cancelled if our attendance numbers reduce.

This is an unusual and challenging time for us all and we are aware of the impact COVID19 may be having on some you and your families and networks.

We recommend you stay as healthy as you can, eat healthy immune boosting foods, drink plenty of fluids, reduce alcohol, and stay active. We hope you support all the communities you are involved with and understand the impact such a situation can have on small businesses and their ability to remain in operation.

Lastly we pray for everyones health and wellbeing and remind you of the wonderful emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical benefits of a regular practice – and even so much better under the infrareds. We certainly appreciate your trust, loyalty and support throughout this time and hope to see you on your mat daily. With your continued support throughout this challenging time we can be there for you at the other side :)

Please do not hesitate to reach out with concerns or suggestions 0405116211

Bec & the Y H team xx