NorthSide @ the HIVE

Welcome to NorthSide @ the HIVE, your dedicated Barre and Hot Yoga Studio on the north side of town. NorthSide is a beautiful, luxurious, eco studio, offering yoga barre, dance barre, fit barre, yoga, yoga sculpt, yin, and core strengthening classes. Some classes are heated some are not just check our class descriptions for details.

NorthSide offers before work, after school drop off, after high-school, and after work classes, as well as Saturday mornings. We specialise in Barre & Yoga classes which are individually choreographed by our highly qualified and superbly fabulous instructors.

Our Barre classes are flowy, active, fun, stretchy, and strengthening.

Yoga Barre classes have a yoga feel and you can expect to practice some grounding yoga moves during class. Dance Barre has a contemporary dance feel so you can enjoy flowing free movements inspired by modern dance, and Fit Barre is fun, active and designed to give your cardio vascular system a kickstart. All our Barre classes follow a similar format and are designed for all levels, with little flavours thrown in of yoga, dance or fitness.

Our Yoga classes are also designed for every BODY.

We offer slower moving Flow Yoga classes, faster paced and stronger Power Yoga classes, YIN Yoga, and yoga with weights classes - Yoga Sculpt. Modern movement is the theme for our Yoga classes, designed to meet the needs of modern day yogis.

We have 6 far-infrared heat panels suspended from our ceiling at NorthSide. Our heat panels are design to help you get the most out of your practice. They shift your metabolism in to top gear helping you burn calories, soften rigid joints, and stretch tight muscles, so leave your practice feeling wonderfully alive and free. Far-infrared is also amazing at penetrating deep inside your cells for an incredible cleanse and detox, your skin feels amazing. It is also the same heat that we receive from the sun (without any of the nasties) so is amazing at helping you feel on top of your game and uplifting your spirits. Not all our classes are heated so check class descriptions, we know some of you prefer to practice in the cool!!

NorthSide is a dedicated Barre & Yoga space, we have bathrooms, and changing areas, lots of natural light, beautiful wooden floors, and the best eco-friendly props to make your practice fun and supported. You may help yourself to delicious Mayde organic teas, or freshly ground coffee before or after your class. More than just an exercise space, NorthSide is a lifestyle experience. A place to come together with besties, meet new humans, have some fun, and move your body in new and grounding ways.

NorthSide @ the HIVE team xxx

Becci a wollongong based yoga teacher


Becci has taught various styles of yoga. Her foundation training was in Japanese Okido yoga, and she has also trained with Jimmy Barkan, Power Living, Bliss Baby Yoga, FireShaper Hot Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, Shiva Rae, and with Barre Body in mat pilates and barre. More recently Becci has qualified as an IREST yoga nidra level 1 teacher, studied tantra yoga with Brad Hay, studied ashtanga vinyasa with Gregor Maehle, and completed 200hrs of instinctive meditation teacher training with Lorin Roche at the Radiance Sutras School of meditation.

"Since yoga became part of my life I have evolved into a more peaceful, content, curious, playful, grateful and happier me, and as a teacher I hope more than anything to help my students do the same. The honesty, intuition, and strength we bring to our mats eventually transpires to fill our lives, and for me there is nothing more beautiful than being true to one’s self. Yoga is my go to place, my island in a busy sea”

As a naturopath, nutritionist, and teacher and student of yoga, Becci believes in bringing her diverse skills into her classes. “I believe a well-rounded yoga practice helps to emulate a well-rounded individual… there is a yoga style for everybody! I hope to share my love and passion for yoga with everyone at The Yoga Hive, see you on your mat very soon!”
Dawn a wollongong barre teacher


Dawn Tratt: Yoga teacher, skydiver, martial artist and journalist.

Dawn started yoga to heal torn ligaments in her knee training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Yoga keeps her centered and reinforces her core belief that the greatest gift to each of us is ourselves. When Dawn isn’t teaching yoga, she works as a skydive camerawoman, grapples with her mates at Gracie Barra Shellharbour, and does media and promotions for stuff she loves. Dawn’s classes integrate her training with Noelle Connolly (Body Mind Life) and Sarah Powers (Insight Yoga), her studies in Psychology, Religious Studies and Journalism, and her experiences of Vipassana mediation, ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru and the dizzying ecstasy of music.

yoga hive teacher Shannon


In 2013 I nervously walked up the stairs of the local gym to my first yoga class. I can still remember the music pumping from the floor below and weights crashing while I lost myself in the movement.

As the years progressed, so did my class attendance. At one point being asked if I was living at a studio because I'd practice multiple times a day. It was around this time I realised I found the lifestyle I wanted to pursue and decided to take it further, becoming a teacher to see what I could discover and evolve into.

I love all expressions of creativity (dabbling in music, art, design and building) and find ways to incorporate this into my classes. Rethinking the everyday and giving it a twist.
Becci Wollongong Barre teacher


Jaz is a regular wanderer, adventure chaser, lover of dance and Kirtan.

Jazmine found yoga during the turbulence of her teenage years, in which she was consumed by depression and anxiety. The only place that felt right was the yoga studio, the asana and breath awoke something in her and she quickly fell in love with the practice. The deeper teachings and sense of connection and purpose it provides continued to coax her to the mat day after day.

After years of dedicated practice, Jazmine journeyed to India where she trained in Hatha yoga at Tattvaa Yoga Shala. She has an ongoing thirst for expanding her knowledge and understanding of yoga and considers herself as primarily a student.

Jazmine’s warm, playful, funny and passionate nature is ever-present in her classes as she provides a fun and challenging environment. She draws inspiration from yogic philosophy, skillfully weaving in alignment, mindfulness and breath with creative sequencing. She encourages students to move beyond their perceived limitations, expect an invitation to delve inward and explore the layers of the self through connected movement.

sarah wollongong yoga teacher


Sarah dabbled with yoga over the years, but it wasn’t until she spontaneously joined an outdoor yoga class and that she began a serious practice. She was an avid runner at the time and could hardly reach her toes!!

The practice has shown her the path to a richer, more connected life. She relishes in the stillness of pranayama and meditation and hopes to share the ancient teachings with her students. She’s passionate about intelligent sequencing, slow fluid movement and harnessing the power of the breath.

Sarah completed her teacher training at the beginning of 2015, and has been immersing herself in practice and study ever since. She has completed trainings with Noelle Connolly, Simon Park, Sarah Owen, Shiva Rea, Simon Borge Oliver and has done countless workshops and online yoga courses. She believes in the power of asana, pranayama, meditation and positive psychology to completely transform your life.
rebecca wollongong yoga teacher


Bekk grew up dancing and always had a love of sports. After leaving school, she left dancing behind and began a career as a dental nurse which lasted 10 years! After those long 10 years sitting in awkward positions in a dental chair, many injuries from sports and trying multiple fitness methods, she rekindled her love of dance and movement through barre, pilates and yoga. It was through her own practice that sparked the flame to learn more about the power of movement & anatomy.

Bekk completed her Barre teacher training with Barre Body is Brisbane where she began teaching, since then gaining her matwork pilates qualifications and is now completing her full diploma in Pilates. Her passion is to ensure clients always walk away from class feeling empowered, strong and able, with a further knowledge to honor their bodies through the power of movement. She is a true lover of human connection & good banter, so you can always expect a fun yet challenging class, with a focus on alignment and flowing movement."
lana teacher at yoga hive wollongong


Lana is known for teaching strong, flowing classes that guide you on a journey through breath, body, and mental awareness, into peaceful spiritual connection. With more than a decade of Yoga teaching experience and multiple trainings under her belt, Lana's classes are well-informed, include clear accessible instructions for all levels, and focus on improved mobility, strength, and safe, active alignment. Guiding dynamic and fluid sequences set to music, she aims to facilitate the student into 'flow state', or focused mental attention. She also facilitates nurturing, introspective Yin classes and holds Guided Meditation, Philosophy, Self Study and Yoga Nidra Workshops.

Lana has trained with many well-respected teachers over the years, including Duncan Peak, Annie Carpenter, Ana Forrest, Flo Fenton, and Meghan Currie. Her original teacher was dancer and poet Richard Allen and his creative, lyrical style can be felt through her classes today. More recently she has become interested in movement techniques used in Functional Range Conditioning and Mobility Training which focuses on optimal joint health. She weaves this into a modern Vinyasa style Yoga practice, includes subtle and approachable philosophical teachings and soulful connection to Earth and Spirit.
imma yoga hive yoga teacher


Imma was introduced to yoga when she was just sixteen, her mum had just embarked on her own journey of yoga and preached the benefits. After dappling here and there, it wasn't until two years out of high school that Imma went to discover the world of yoga for herself. After one sweaty vinyasa class she was hooked, since those first months delving deep into practice Imma knew she wanted to teach.

Fast forward three years, multiple countries and classes later Imma made the decision to enrol in her first YTT. She completed her 200hr YTT in June 2021, focusing on Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Ashtanga. Although accredited in these styles, Imma loves the creative flow of vinyasa and the calming presence of yin. As Imma knows that starting your yoga journey can be overwhelming at times she will keep it simple but give you a gentle push now and then so every person leaves the space feeling accomplished and glowing.

If she's not in the yoga studio you'll find her at reformer pilates, deep in nature being a forest nymph, having potlucks or enjoying a wholesome community kirtan. Excited to meet you!



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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BOOKINGS & CANCELLATIONS: Due to current restrictions all classes must be booked.

All 6 or 8am classes must be cancelled by 7.30pm the night before and all day and evening classes must be cancelled 2 hours prior to class. Late cancellations result in the debit of your pass or a fee of $15 for unlimited memberships and intro passes. No shows are uber unkool, someone is waiting to practice - respecting your sangha's right to practice is super kool :)

Passes are non refundable and non transferable but may be shared with one other person.

At The Yoga Hive you can visit on a casual basis or join on a weekly membership. We sell casual classes and packs on 10 and 20 classes. If you buy a class pass it can be shared with someone else of your choice. All passes have expiry dates, so please look at these before you purchase. Passes are non refundable. You are able to pay on line through the MindBody website or app, or you can purchase in the studio. All classes are on a prepay basis... you must purchase a class before you can book.

4 week intro, unlimited yoga $59 (both studios), 1st visit purchase only (no pause)

10 Class Pass $210.00

12 wk upfront membership both studios $500 (no pause)

20 Pass $340.00

7 day unlimited pass $59.00

Casual Pass $25.00

child 12 and under $10

FULLTIME student 4 week UNLIMITED upfront $150.00 (no pause)

STUDENT single class (honesty please -its karma) $20.00

STUDENT/conc 10 pass (honesty please - its karma) $160.00

YOGA HIVE 4 week unlimited upfront $190.00 (no pause)

YOGAHIVE ONLINE membership $15.00 weekly

weekly direct debit unlimited class memberships available - 3 month minimum commitment
$39 weekly or $50 for 2 studios - family rates available

(*full time students only, please show ID)