NorthSide @ the HIVE

Welcome to NorthSide @ the HIVE, your dedicated Barre and Hot Yoga Studio on the north side of town. NorthSide is a beautiful, luxurious, eco studio, offering yoga barre, dance barre, fit barre, yoga, yoga sculpt, yin, and core strengthening classes. Some classes are heated some are not just check our class descriptions for details.

NorthSide offers before work, after school drop off, after high-school, and after work classes, as well as Saturday mornings. We specialise in Barre & Yoga classes which are individually choreographed by our highly qualified and superbly fabulous instructors.

Our Barre classes are flowy, active, fun, stretchy, and strengthening.

Yoga Barre classes have a yoga feel and you can expect to practice some grounding yoga moves during class. Dance Barre has a contemporary dance feel so you can enjoy flowing free movements inspired by modern dance, and Fit Barre is fun, active and designed to give your cardio vascular system a kickstart. All our Barre classes follow a similar format and are designed for all levels, with little flavours thrown in of yoga, dance or fitness.

Our Yoga classes are also designed for every BODY.

We offer slower moving Flow Yoga classes, faster paced and stronger Power Yoga classes, YIN Yoga, and yoga with weights classes - Yoga Sculpt. Modern movement is the theme for our Yoga classes, designed to meet the needs of modern day yogis.

We have 6 far-infrared heat panels suspended from our ceiling at NorthSide. Our heat panels are design to help you get the most out of your practice. They shift your metabolism in to top gear helping you burn calories, soften rigid joints, and stretch tight muscles, so leave your practice feeling wonderfully alive and free. Far-infrared is also amazing at penetrating deep inside your cells for an incredible cleanse and detox, your skin feels amazing. It is also the same heat that we receive from the sun (without any of the nasties) so is amazing at helping you feel on top of your game and uplifting your spirits. Not all our classes are heated so check class descriptions, we know some of you prefer to practice in the cool!!

NorthSide is a dedicated Barre & Yoga space, we have bathrooms, and changing areas, lots of natural light, beautiful wooden floors, and the best eco-friendly props to make your practice fun and supported. You may help yourself to delicious Mayde organic teas, or freshly ground coffee before or after your class. More than just an exercise space, NorthSide is a lifestyle experience. A place to come together with besties, meet new humans, have some fun, and move your body in new and grounding ways.

NorthSide @ the HIVE team xxx



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BODY BARRE A fluid flowing BARRE class designed to move and sweep your body in all directions whilst toning and stretching BARRE style. Use balls, blocks, weights, the barre and your mat in this 60min full body workout. WARM, suitable for all levels.

YOGA BARRE A dynamic yoga inspired BARRE class. 60mins of yoga, toning, stretching, and fluid movement, using balls, blocks, weights, the barre and your mat. Grounding and aligning as you move through barre exercises and transition with yoga flows and breath. Set your intentions, open your body, quieten your mind, & savasana! Warm, and for all levels.

YIN Stretch and release, relax and restore. Just a little warm to keep you cosy. A practice for all levels and the perfect class to unwind, focus on breathing and improve your flexibility.

FLOW A fluid moving flow class. Longer held asana mean you can focus on alignment, deepen your stretch and slow your breath. An all levels class. Just a little warm to keep you cosy.

BIKRAM BEATS The classic 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises with some variety, and funky dance beats. The hottest class at NorthSide at about 32dgs. A great stretch for every BODY. Bring a towel!

POWER A hot stronger style vinyasa practice. Focus is on building strength, stamina and flexibility. Incorporates core strengthening. Better suited to yogis with some experience…Temp +30°C

Bring your yoga mat and drink bottle, and for warm classes a mat towel and hand towel. Wear clothes that breathe and allow you to move easily, and for warm classes active wear that absorbs moisture can be very handy!
It is best not to wear makeup or spray strong perfumes, but please use deodorant!
We have some mats to borrow at the studio, and supply all the yoga props you will need. We also offer fresh brewed tea, and have cold drinks, and fresh coffee to purchase.
We have change spaces and toilets.

Please arrive 15mins early to class, doors open 15 mins prior to class. Let the teacher know it is your first class and fill in your registration form. Please advise the teacher if you are nursing an injury or if you are pregnant. Please note pregnant ladies, for both you and your baby’s protection we will ask you to only participate in the non-heated classes.

Bookings are required.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BOOKINGS & CANCELLATIONS: Due to current restrictions all classes must be booked.

All 6 or 8am classes must be cancelled by 7.30pm the night before and all day and evening classes must be cancelled 2 hours prior to class. Late cancellations result in the debit of your pass or a fee of $15 for unlimited memberships and intro passes. No shows are uber unkool, someone is waiting to practice - respecting your sangha's right to practice is super kool :)

Passes are non refundable and non transferable but may be shared with one other person.

At The Yoga Hive you can visit on a casual basis or join on a weekly membership. We sell casual classes and packs on 10 and 20 classes. If you buy a class pass it can be shared with someone else of your choice. All passes have expiry dates, so please look at these before you purchase. Passes are non refundable. You are able to pay on line through the MindBody website or app, or you can purchase in the studio. All classes are on a prepay basis... you must purchase a class before you can book.

4 week intro, unlimited yoga $59 (both studios), 1st visit purchase only (no pause)

10 Class Pass $210.00

12 wk upfront membership both studios $500 (no pause)

20 Pass $340.00

7 day unlimited pass $59.00

Casual Pass $25.00

child 12 and under $10

FULLTIME student 4 week UNLIMITED upfront $150.00 (no pause)

STUDENT single class (honesty please -its karma) $20.00

STUDENT/conc 10 pass (honesty please - its karma) $160.00

YOGA HIVE 4 week unlimited upfront $190.00 (no pause)

YOGAHIVE ONLINE membership $15.00 weekly

weekly direct debit unlimited class memberships available - 3 month minimum commitment
$39 weekly or $50 for 2 studios - family rates available

(*full time students only, please show ID)


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