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Welcome to
The Hive Central

Welcome to The Yoga Hive Central - centre for ancient Tantric wisdom, Bikram yoga, sacred Sadhana, Yin yoga, Vedic meditation initiation and community sits, community & love.

In addition to our foundation practice, Bikram yoga, we also offer Sadhana (asana, pranayama & meditation) and Yin yoga. We are also Wollongong's centre for Vedic Meditation initiations and community sits. We honour yoga as an ancient nectar of wisdom, practised for centuries. We feel blessed to share its rich tapestry of teachings as doorways into divine consciousness.

Om Namah Shivaya

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'Yoga is about YOU'

At The Yoga Hive Central, we teach with a personalised approach, regardless of your yoga experience. Our dedicated and highly trained teaching team, invite you into a communion with self, community, and the cosmos, as they creatively weave their personalities and knowledge through every practice.


Detox while you practice

At The Hive Central, most classes are warmed with far-infrared heaters. A practice under far infra-red heat moves your physical body into layers deep within its fabric, cleansing and restoring your muscles, joints, organs, and inner systems. An embodied and clarifying experience, heated practices help you filter through any unnecessary currents of thought, guiding you toward your life’s divine purpose, your dharma.


All levels welcome

Our community focused Shala is open 7 days a week, welcoming beginners through to ancient seers. We offer a nurturing and supportive environment where we invite you into traditional practices of self-discovery and cosmic play.

Our teachings guide you into your most subtle layers of being through movement meditation (asana), pranayama, and the ancient wisdoms of tantric yoga. We encourage you to become curious about the nature of existence, all its energies, rhythms and syzergies, as they open you to the infinite world of consciousness.

"The honesty, intuition, and strength we bring to our mats eventually transpires to fill our lives, and for me there is nothing more beautiful than being true to one’s self."