Barre classes are a fun blend of pilates, dance, & yoga. Throughout the class use the barre, hand weights, and pilates balls to practice a combination of small alignment focused, and larger full body movements, that shape, tone, strengthen, and lengthen your body.

Barre is a wonderful practice if you like the support of holding on, your aim is to tone and strengthen your legs, glutes, core and arms, to improve your cardiovascular fitness, or if somewhere hidden inside is a long lost dancer!

What to bring: your yoga mat, small hand towel. water, no shoes required.
Not heated


Hatha yoga is one of our MOON yoga practices. The moon embodies a calm, nourishing, grounding, stabilising energy.

Our hatha class is infused with longer held asana, space between postures, smooth fluid breathing, and an embodied sense of presence. Harmonising internal rhythms and energies is the focus of our hatha class, so as we move throughout the rest of the day we feel more in balance with the world around us.

Expect traditional standing and floor asana, balances, pranayama, meditation, mantra, and a dash of yogic wisdom.

What to bring: your yoga mat, small hand towel. water, no shoes required.
Not heated or gently heated


Flow yoga is our SUN/MOON yoga practice. The sun evokes vibrancy, expansion, and lightness, whilst the moon embodies a calm, grounding, stabilising energy.

Our flow practice is fluid flowing and creative. It is a blend of traditional yoga asana, creative transitions, spaces for rest and deep stretch, and is showered with pranayama, meditation, and yogic wisdom.

Flow yoga is a moderate intensity practice, somewhere in-between our Hatha and Power flow class. Your practice will immerse you in a full body experience, while providing plenty of time for regathering energies. A Flow practice puts you in contact with the many rhythms and flows of your inner landscape, bringing harmony and balance to your life.

The aim of yoga is to prepare all aspects of self for spiritual awakening. A flow yoga practice encourages involution and self discovery, it opens doorways to "being" as the source; as infinite cosmic consciousness.

A practice to release, realign, and welcome all of who you are.

What to bring: your yoga mat, small hand towel. water, no shoes required.
Not heated or gently heated


Power flow is one of our SUN yoga practices. The sun evokes vibrancy, expansion, and lightness.

Our power practice is dynamic and moves at a steady pace. Power flow infuses stronger traditional asana with contemporary transitions, core stabilisers, and more challenging balances. Of course everything is optional in all our classes, and alternatives are always offered.

A power flow class reminds us that life is all about the journey and not the destination. as the flow of breath with movement embodies us as presence.

A practice to play with the subtle qualities of strength and compassion, to embrace the pulse of Shakti rising to her beloved Shiva, and to feel the passionate flame of Agni -burning negativity and self doubt.

What to bring: your yoga mat, mat towel. water, no shoes required.
Warm heat


Our Bikram practice is most definitely aligned with the energies of the SUN. The sun evokes vibrancy, expansion, and lightness.

This practice closely follows the 26 postures and 2 pranayama brought to the West by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s. Bikram is unique for the addition of 38dg heat to the room when practicing, in our studios we use far-infrared glass panels from Germany.

The Bikram sequence is magical for its movement of the spine and body in all directions, its ability to bring you full face with the present moment, and its phenomenal physiological and spiritual healing. The infrared heat during practice penetrates deep into your cells and opens joints, lengthens muscles, conditions organs, and stimulates your immune system like no other practice does.

A 'Hatha" style practice, the set Bikram sequence is dynamic, grounding, strengthening and invigorating. It is designed to draw spiritual energy (Kundalini) back up the spine toward Shiva above the crown, and in doing so nourish and open the padmas. By building agni, the spiritual flame: karmic debt, samskaras, and vikalpas are burned, and with the use of focused awareness, mirrors, heat, and challenging asana, the dissolution of ego is realised, and spiritual awakening is possible.

Not the best choice of practice if you dislike the heat or perspiring, but amazing if cleansing, refreshing, awakening, opening, lengthening, and releasing are important in your Sadhana.

Arrive at class with all the worries in the world and leave without a care.

What to bring: your yoga mat, mat towel. hand towel, water, no shoes required.
35dg heat


Our Yin yoga is our regular most MOON practice. The moon embodies a calm, nourishing, grounding, stabilising energy.

Yoga is an embodied practice that journeys far beyond the physical asana. To practice yoga is to weave its wisdom and tradition through all areas of your life, to nourish your heart and spirit with its nectar, and honour the truth of your dharmic path. In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna tells us "it is better to do ones own dharma poorly than another's perfectly", a wonderful reminder to honour the truth of who we are, and to discover our unique divine purpose in life.

Our Yin yoga is a syrupy sinking into the world of the self. The practice draws you deep into the fabric of your own existence, giving time and space to map and trace your inner topography like no other practice does. We like to think of Yin yoga as mystical nutrition for your entire being

On a spiritual level Yin yoga helps dissolve the physical boundary of your body, merging you with a higher consciousness. The practice guides you into your most subtle layers of being, and in doing so reveals your true nature, your cosmic identity, your dharmic path. Yin yoga is the welcoming of all of who you are, just as you are.

On a physical level Yin yoga invites your body into long tender holds that stir the marrow of your bones, heart of your joints, and fabric of all your tissues. A practice that can release the deepest of tensions through target area stretching, like acupressure for your tissues, Yin yoga is the softening into shapes than honour your body's unique design.

Expect a floor based sequence, long held asana - up to 8mins each, guided meditations, pranayama, and a sprinkle of mudra, kriya, mantra, and ancient yogic wisdom.

What to bring: your yoga mat, any personal props you like to use (bolster, strap, blanket, block - we also have them here), no shoes required.
No heat or gently heat


At The Hive our emphasis is on traditional styles of yoga practice, however we also recognise the need to offer a wider range of class to keep you as healthy as we can.

In this practice offer the use of light hand weights and body weight techniques to build strength, stability, and definition in your body.

Similar to our flow yoga practice, sculpt flow is fluid flowing and creative. It blends traditional yoga asana with small repetitive body toning movements and larger body exercises that target your arms, shoulders, & back, your core, glutes and legs. Whilst the focus of this practice is body fitness, it threads elements of yogic tradition through its flow, such as bandhas, pranayama, and alignment.

With its mental focus, physicaL alignment and rhythmic flow, sculpt yoga flow stokes our internal flames, our agni, to encourage tapas, the inner heat of personal growth, transformation and spiritual awareness.

We have hand weights from 1kg to 6kg or feel free to bring your own, or not to use them at all, you will still enJOY an invigorating practice.

What to bring: your yoga mat, mat towel. hand towel, water, no shoes required.
28dg Heat


Cardio Pilates is a version of Inferno Hot Pilates - its hot, its active, its fun. Although our focus at The Hive is yoga, we couldn't resist adding in this challenging and inspiring practice designed to build cardio fitness and core strength in Bikram yogis.

This practice is high energy and a full body workout. As the name implies its foundation is pilates, so expect smaller refined repetitive movements alongside full body, alignment specific moves. Cardio Pilates is accessible to everyone with an average level of fitness as the repetitive "tabata" style movements are simple and the longer held strength movements easily adapted to suit your condition.

Each class follows a similar format - glute, core, & leg warm up, core strengthening, back strengthening, glutes and legs toning, and arm shaping. Its fun, the music is loud, and the heat is turned up. You are guaranteed to sweat and feel the post work out inferno burn!! This is definitely not yoga but it is a great conditioning class to improve your health, vitality, and overall wellbeing.

What to bring: your yoga mat, mat towel. hand towel, water, no shoes required.
28dg Heat


IREST Yoga Nidra, the yogic sleep, is our most MOON practice. The moon embodies a calm, nourishing, grounding, stabilising energy.

IREST Yoga Nidra is a world wide yoga technique designed to welcome you into deep relaxation, self inquiry, and meditation. IREST Yoga Nidra is an invitation into your own divine state of being; all its rhythms, flows, & movements.

A contemporary approach to an ancient practice, IREST Yoga Nidra encourages self inquiry and refection, with open ended guided meditations and sense awareness. This differs from a more traditional Yoga Nidra wherein you are "told" the phenomena to sense and think. IREST encourages you to open yourself to whatever is arising, whatever is present, feeling, sensing, and drifting into altered states of consciousness.

During an IREST Yoga Nidra practice expect to thoroughly relax and unravel. You are guided into a deeply nourishing and restorative conscious yogic sleep, where you are offered meditations that open you inquisitively into your innermost heart felt desire, intention setting, your inner resource, body & breath sensing, welcoming your emotions, witnessing your thoughts, experiencing joy, discovering peace, and reflecting on the practice.

IREST Yoga Nidra is a proven technique to receive daily stress, resolve trauma, decrease depression and anxiety, relieve chronic pain, improve sleep, and awaken you to your true nature. IREST Yoga Nidra is used by the military of the USA to treat post traumatic stress disorder in military personnel.

In an IREST Yoga Nidra you want to be as comfortable as can be, so we encourage you to bring as many comforters with you as you need, and to dress to suit the weather, layers are a good idea.

What to bring: your yoga mat, blankets, pillows, layers of clothing, no shoes required.
No heat


Becci offers 60m or 90m private or small group personalised classes monday through thursday between 9am & 3pm. Private classes are the fast track way to developing your own at home sadhana. Private classes are designed in consultation with you, the client, and evolve with you as your practice evolves.

Privates and small group classes are a wonderful way to
1. refine your practice
2. learn new kriyas
3. develop stronger, more meaningful asana
4. receive a personalised mudra or mantra
5. create a safe and inspiring home practice
6. increase strength and stamina
7. discuss yoga philosophy
8. deepen your pranayama practice

Corporate classes are focused on meeting employee health and wellness and team building activities. Corporate classes are held on a regular basis or for one off occasions. We can come to you or you can visit one of our shalas. We will create a practice that meets the needs of your team or objective, catering from small groups to larger groups over 100 people.

Yoga circles are spaces for creativity, intimacy, communion, and self love. They are a spiritually awake alternative to regular parties and gatherings and offer a sharing of hearts and spirits that draw any community closer together. Yoga circles are adapted to be most meaningful for your gathering, and last anywhere from 2hrs through to a full weekend. Popular circle themes include hens gatherings, baby showers, welcoming baby, birthdays, engagements, solstice celebrations, graduations, reunions, honouring spirits past, friendship gatherings, wellness retreats, work team building, or any other occasion where a community gathers in respect for sharing and personal growth.

To discuss your private or small group class, find out more about individualised yoga circles, or if improving your employees' mental, emotional, and physical health is important to you call Becci on 0405116211 to discuss options and pricing