We all know how good yoga is at keeping us feeling good but sometimes in life we may feel we need a little extra something to keep the smiles beaming. Thats where herbs come in.

Herbs can be taken in tablet, capsule or liquid form, they can be drunk as tea or added to cooking (just make sure they are food grade if ingesting), added to a bath, applied to our skin, or used to scent a space.
Its always nicest to buy organic ethically grown herbs as you can be assured they are the purist, cleanest product, and different extraction methods can effect potency if you are using tablets, capsules, liquids or oils (but thats a different topic) so spend some time searching for quality.

A few of my favourite easy to come by herbs to help you feel happy are rose, chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and St Johns wort.

St Johns wort is a powerful antidepressant that helps to lift your mood. It can be of great support if you suffer mild depression or nervous conditions. St Johns wort id also a powerful antiviral so may help keep you well, which always supports feeling happy. Consult your natural GP before taking St Johns wort as it is contraindicated with some medications

Rose is wonderful if you’re feeling bitter or angry, it helps to soften and open your heart, calm emotions, soothe nerves, reduce anxiety and ease meltdowns. Rose helps induce love and compassion and is especially good during times of grief as it supports emotional recovery. Rose is antidepressant that can also improve your sleep, help you smile, and can help increase libido in men!!!

One of the little treasures in life is climbing into bed and soaking up the calming essence of of a lavender pillow. Known for its wonderful sleep promoting properties, lavender has this amazing ability to instill calm and relaxation. It helps to reduce anxiety and nervousness and is wonderful at helping promote a general feeling of happiness and wellness. It’s also said to help reduce mild pain and what’s not happy about that!!!

Lemon balm cleanses, detoxes and rejuvenates your emotions. It helps soothe symptoms of stress, helps you to relax, and boosts your mood. Lemon balm increases peace and ease in your body and mind, reduces anxiety, and can help treat anxiety. A fabulous mood enhancing herb with an invigorating and uplifting essence lemon balm is a little dose of summertime happiness.

Chamomile is one of those beautiful soothing herbs that helps to reduce anxiety and ease tension. It creates a boundary of safety and ease and is anchoring and soothing during times of trauma. Chamomile is a great aid to inducing a restful sleep and creates a wonderful sense of peace in the air, body, mind, and spirit.

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