Meditation 101


Feeling stressed sucks! And no one enjoys feeling this way, right?

Life can be very demanding So what can we do to balance our lives, clear our mind and reduce feeling stressed or anxious?


The benefits of meditation are no secret. You’ll likely find relief from stress and anxiety, be more present, gain inner peace and feel greater clarity of mind, focus easier, increase your self-awareness, sleep better and your overall health will improve. And so much more. It seems like a no-brainer to meditate so why do so many people avoid it? Is this practice only reserved for the Tibetan monks? Or the white-bearded guru in the Himalayas? Or the flower-crowned hippy girl sitting in a sunflower field. NO WAY! Meditation is for everyone! We should all be meditating but it can be quite intimidating at first, and something people always over complicate!

How long should I meditate?
Start small You don’t need a big chunk of time, in fact, I recommend that beginners start meditating with 5-10 minutes then keep increasing your time as you get comfortable with the practice. The most important thing is to just start!
The next important thing is dedication and consistency so it’s a good idea to remember why you want to make time to meditate on a regular basis.

How do I fit this into my day?
Make time in your schedule, just as you would your yoga practice or gym session. If we think we will meditate “when we find some time,” we’ll never find it!

Where do I meditate?
Choosing a peaceful, private space where you are comfortable and will not be disturbed will make meditation easier. As your skills get stronger, you will be able to handle more distractions.
Perhaps just a small area in the house where you look forward to going to every day. Having a dedicated meditation space removes uncertainty about where to practice, helps establish a routine and collects your energy. There are no rules for creating your meditation area. Follow your heart. You should feel delighted every time you step into it.
You may want to incorporate an alter that will serve as the heart of your space reminding you of your intention to practice stillness.

It’s generally recommended to go for a minimalist approach, avoid too much clutter and just incorporate things that are meaningful to you. Note this is not mandatory in order to meditate. You can meditate anywhere you like!

How do I sit?
Once you have you your space, get comfy. Try sitting on a meditation cushion, a thick blanket or in a chair. Once your hips are elevated higher than your knees, you will likely be able to sit for longer in more comfort.
• Allow your spine to be soft and erect.
• Place your hands in your lap, either palms down on your legs or open to the sky.
• Let yes head point forward and slightly down so you’re not jutting your chin.
• Close your eyes or leave your eyes open, gaze soft.

Is there a form of meditation that is better than others?
Yes – the one that works for you.
There is no reason for you to force upon yourself a certain type of meditation. Try different ones, explore, and stick to what works for you. By the time you may also change practice, as your needs change.
Use a guide
No, it is not cheating! Use the amazing, limitless information at our disposal. Use a CD, an app, online class or if possible find a teacher.

A few apps we recommend are:
Insight Timer
Stop, Breathe and Think, free download
1 giant mind with metta