Retail News – RX BARS – the N.B.S protein bar full of natural flavour

RX Bars, delicious simple, and very YUM!

The fastest growing protein brand in U.S.A RX Bars had humble beginnings in the family kitchen some years ago. The genius of 2 best friends (guys) the RX Bars label kicked off with only $10,000 in funding and the guys selling the bars to local gyms. Now being sold in over 15 countries worldwide these bars are definitely worth trying.

With the motto “OKAY” is never good, enough RX Bars come in 6 delicious flavours, all with the same signature chewy base – egg whites for protein, dates to bind, nuts for texture. The bars have NO fillers, No artificial preservatives or colour, no sugar added, and NO GMO ingredients. The bars are as simple as they can be, chewy, with. burst of crunch from nuts.

In 14 fabulous flavours – peanut butter chocolate, blueberry, chocolate sea salt, coconut chocolate, lemon, banana chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate cherry, maple sea salt, chocolate chip, mixed berry, peanut butter and berry, mango pineapple & peanut butter.
Ive tried the chocolate sea salt (rich choc with a super salty bite) and peanut butter (chewy and crunchy) varieties and they are sooooo good. I like mine straight from the fridge where they somehow resemble the good old Space Sticks I was never allowed to have at primary school, only they are WAY better for you – a totally guilt free indulgence :)

Buy them by the box like I do, and hide yours before the rest of the family eat them all!!!

RRP $3.95
12g protein
5g fibre
less than 220kcal

find them at healthy retailers

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