Retail News – Sealpod Reusable Coffee Capsules

Sealpod reusable coffee capsules

The awesome team at SEALPOD have delivered to the marketplace a nifty little coffee companion many of us will just adore. A REUSABLE coffee pod! These last a LIFETIME coffee pods are compatible with NESPRESSO and DELONGHI coffee pad machines, are food grade, non toxic, & ethically manufactured :)

Made from stainless steel with recyclable aluminium sticker lids that you replace with each use, SEALPODS allow you the freedom of enjoying your favourite coffee -pod style. Just add your chosen grind to the pod, stick on the replaceable lid, use the pod in your coffee machine as you usually would, recycle the lid, wash out the pod to reuse, and enjoy an earth friendly cuppa

SEALPODS come in a starter kit containing one capsule, a silicon fresh cover, a coffee scoop/tamper, and 24 recyclable aluminium sticker lids. Retails at $24.95, with top up sticker lid boxes of 100 @ $14.95


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